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The following list shows all short links (redirects) for our “eBanking – but secure!” website.

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Example: www.ebas.ch/5steps?lang=fr

5steps5 steps for your digital security
5steps_step11 – Backing up data
5steps_step22 – Monitoring with antivirus software and firewall
5steps_step33 – Preventing with software updates
5steps_step44 – Protecting online access
5steps_step55 – Exercising care and remaining alert
step11 – Backing up data
step22 – Monitoring with antivirus software and firewall
step33 – Preventing with software updates
step44 – Protecting online access
step55 – Exercising care and remaining alert
loginlogoutTips for secure e-banking
loginPoints to remember when logging in
logoutPoints to remember when logging out
checkingcertificatesChecking certificates
mobilebankingMobile Banking App
internetaddressInternet address structure and checking
ebankingloginprocessesLog-in process
extendedprotectionExtended protection
adblockerAd blocker and anti-tracking tools
cloudstorageCloud storage
externalstoragemediaExternal storage media
homeoffice5 recommendations for employees working remotely
impersonationThird-party access to bank accounts
remotesupportSecure use of remote support
securedeletionSecure deletion
securitycheckSecurity check
socialmediaSocial media and networks
spamProtection against SPAM
privacyPrivacy and data protection on the Internet
onlinebanksOnline banks
paymentMobile payments and contactless payments
haveibeenpwnedHave I Been Pwned
digitalhousekeepingTips for a digital clean-up
qrinvoicesQR invoices
qrcodeQuick Response-Code (QR-Code)
vpnVPN – Virtual Private Network
denialofserviceattackDenial-of-Service attack
drivebyinfectionDrive-By Download
financialserviceprovidersDubious financial service providers
malwareinfectionMalware infection
moneymulesMoney Mules (financial agents)
phishingtestPhishing test
phishingtest_embeddedPhishing-Test (Embed)
ransomwareRansomware (encryption Trojans)
socialengineeringSocial engineering
supportcallsFraudulent support calls
investmentfraudInvestment fraud
ceofraudCEO Fraud
accounthackedAccount hacked! What to do?
identityfraudIdentity theft
ficontributionFinancial institution contributions
fi_securedatatransferSecure data transfer
fi_protecteddataaccessProtected data access
fi_transactionmonitoringTransaction monitoring
fi_securedatastorageSecure data storage
checkcertificateBrowser Certificate Checking
clearcacheDeleting browser history
facebooksettingsFacebook Settings
twittersettingsX (Twitter) Settings
instagramsettingsInstagram Settings
linkedinsettingsLinkedIn Settings
privacywin10Data protection under Windows 10
privacywin11Privacy & Security Windows 11
reinstallingwin10Clean windows 10 installation
reinstallingwin11Clean windows 11 installation
signatureoutlookE-mail signatur: Outlook
signaturethunderbirdE-mail signatur: Thunderbird
newsletterNewsletter registration
courseCourse overview
basiccourseOnline basic course
practicalcoursePractical course
under30courseOnline course for the under-30s
smecourseOnline course for SMEs
mobilecourseOnline course mobile banking/payments
cryptocourseOnline course cryptocurrency
kmuTips for SMEs
smeTips for SMEs
pmiTips for SMEs
pmeTips for SMEs
passwordpolicyPassword guidelines for SME
aboutusAbout us
legalnoticeLegal notices
mediasectionMedia Section
browsercheckBrowser information
shortlinksShort links

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Online basic course

Find out about current Internet threats and some easy protective measures, and how to securely use e-banking.

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Online course mobile banking/payments

Find out about mobile banking, mobile payments and how to securely use these apps.

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Online course for the under-30s

Learn how to use your smartphone securely. Next to basics, we will show you what you should know about social media, clouds, mobile banking and mobile payments.

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Online course for SMEs

Is your organisation sufficiently secure? Learn which measures you can take to significantly strengthen your organisation’s IT security.

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