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The fol­lowing list shows all short links (redi­rects) for our “eBanking – but secure!” website.

Our pages will auto­mat­i­cally dis­play in the cor­rect lan­guage (your browser/oper­ating system lan­guage is auto­mat­i­cally detected). In case you would like to link to a spe­cific lan­guage ver­sion, you can use the “long” URL para­meter including the rel­e­vant lan­guage spec­i­fi­ca­tion (de, fr, it or en)

Example: www.ebas.ch/5steps?lang=fr

5steps5 steps for your dig­ital security
5steps_step11 – Backing up data
5steps_step22 – Mon­i­toring with antivirus soft­ware and firewall
5steps_step33 – Pre­venting with soft­ware updates
5steps_step44 – Pro­tecting online access
5steps_step55 – Exer­cising care and remaining alert
step11 – Backing up data
step22 – Mon­i­toring with antivirus soft­ware and firewall
step33 – Pre­venting with soft­ware updates
step44 – Pro­tecting online access
step55 – Exer­cising care and remaining alert
login­l­o­goutTips for secure e-banking
loginPoints to remember when log­ging in
logoutPoints to remember when log­ging out
check­ingcer­tifi­catesChecking cer­tifi­cates
mobile­bankingMobile Banking App
inter­ne­tad­dressInternet address struc­ture and checking
ebank­inglogin­processesLog-in process
extend­ed­pro­tec­tionExtended pro­tec­tion
adblockerAd blocker and anti-tracking tools
cloud­storageCloud storage
exter­nal­stor­age­mediaExternal storage media
home­of­ficeTop 5 Steps to Work Securely from Home
imper­son­ationThird-party access to bank accounts
remote­sup­portSecure use of remote support
secure­dele­tionSecure dele­tion
secu­ri­ty­checkSecu­rity check
social­mediaSocial media and networks
spamPro­tec­tion against SPAM
pri­vacyPri­vacy and data pro­tec­tion on the Internet
onlinebanksOnline banks
pay­mentMobile pay­ments and con­tact­less payments
haveibeen­pwnedHave I Been Pwned
dig­i­tal­house­keepingTips for a dig­ital clean-up
qrin­voicesQR invoices
qrcodeQuick Response-Code (QR-Code)
denialof­ser­viceat­tackDenial-of-Ser­vice attack
dri­ve­by­in­fec­tionDrive-By Down­load
finan­cialser­vi­ce­providersDubious finan­cial ser­vice providers
mal­ware­in­fec­tionMal­ware infection
mon­ey­mulesMoney Mules (finan­cial agents)
phish­ingtestPhishing test
phishingtest_embeddedPhishing-Test (Embed)
ran­somwareRan­somware (encryp­tion Trojans)
socialengi­neeringSocial engi­neering
sup­port­callsFraud­u­lent sup­port calls
invest­ment­fraudInvest­ment fraud
ceofraudCEO Fraud
accoun­thackedAccount hacked! What to do?
iden­ti­tyfraudIden­tity theft
ficon­tri­bu­tionFinan­cial insti­tu­tion contributions
fi_securedatatransferSecure data transfer
fi_protecteddataaccessPro­tected data access
fi_transactionmonitoringTrans­ac­tion monitoring
fi_securedatastorageSecure data storage
check­cer­tifi­cateBrowser Cer­tifi­cate Checking
clearcacheDeleting browser history
face­book­set­tingsFace­book Settings
twit­ter­set­tingsTwitter Set­tings
insta­gram­set­tingsInsta­gram Settings
linkedin­set­tingsLinkedIn Set­tings
privacywin10Data pro­tec­tion under Win­dows 10
privacywin11Data pro­tec­tion under Win­dows 11
reinstallingwin10Clean win­dows 10 installation
reinstallingwin11Clean win­dows 11 installation
sig­na­ture­out­lookE-mail sig­natur: Outlook
sig­na­turethun­der­birdE-mail sig­natur: Thunderbird
newsletterNewsletter reg­is­tra­tion
courseCourse overview
bas­ic­courseBasic course
prac­ti­cal­coursePrac­tical course
under30courseOnline course for the under-30s
sme­courseOnline course for SMEs
mobile­courseOnline course mobile banking/payments
cryp­to­courseCryp­tocur­rency course
kmuTips for SMEs
smeTips for SMEs
pmiTips for SMEs
pmeTips for SMEs
pass­word­policyPass­word guide­lines for SME
aboutusAbout us
legal­no­ticeLegal notices
medi­a­sec­tionMedia Sec­tion
browsercheckBrowser infor­ma­tion
short­linksShort links

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Basic course

Find out about cur­rent Internet threats and some easy pro­tec­tive mea­sures, and how to securely use e-banking.

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Online course mobile banking/payments

Find out about mobile banking, mobile pay­ments and how to securely use these apps.

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Online course for the under-30s

Learn how to use your smart­phone securely. Next to basics, we will show you what you should know about social media, clouds, mobile banking and mobile payments.

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Course for SMEs

Is your organ­i­sa­tion suf­fi­ciently secure? Learn which mea­sures you can take to sig­nif­i­cantly strengthen your organisation’s IT security.

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