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Secu­rity check

Check and con­figure your dig­ital security.

The BSI browser check (in German)

«Your browser is the gateway to the vir­tual world, and at the same time one of the cen­tral infil­tra­tion points for com­puter haz­ards and crim­inal attacks. There­fore, you should gen­er­ally act with extreme cau­tion with regard to its use, regard­less of what product you are using.»

The BSI web­page will help explain the most impor­tant secu­rity set­tings for dif­ferent types of web browser.


The c't / Heise browser check (in German)

«There is no cor­rect browser con­fig­u­ra­tion for every dif­ferent type of surfer. The demands of someone who mainly uses his com­puter for gaming and only wants to surf around the Internet every now and then will of course be not as high as those of someone using it to store impor­tant com­pany doc­u­men­ta­tion or do his e-banking.»

When looking for your per­sonal com­pro­mise, the c't web­site should be of some help. It will explain the indi­vidual browser func­tions and also demon­strates their poten­tial for abuse.


Microsoft Secu­rity Pages

«All pro­grams directly or indi­rectly involved in data traffic with the Internet - i. e. your oper­ating system, your browser, your e-mail soft­ware, but also appli­ca­tion soft­ware such as Word and Excel - can be set so as to reduce your secu­rity risks.»

The Microsoft web­site will advise you on the secu­rity set­tings you should acti­vate to use spe­cific programs.


Mac Secu­rity Page

«Mac secu­rity – what should I look out for?»

This Mac web­site will advise you on the spe­cific points you have to look out for with your Mac.


What else would you like to learn about security when e-banking?

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