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Online course for the under-30s

This online course will teach you how to use your everyday devices – like your smart­phone – securely. Next to these basics, we will also show you what’s impor­tant to know when using social media (What­sApp, Insta­gram, YouTube, Face­book, etc.), and how to securely use clouds (Dropbox, etc.). And last but not least, we have some useful tips on secure mobile banking und mobile payments.

Course con­tent

First part: Cur­rent threats in cyberspace

Second part: Basic pro­tec­tion, short and sweet – “5 steps for your dig­ital security”

Third part: Apps you use daily

  • Social Media, clouds
  • Mobile banking, mobile payments
After taking this course, you will be aware of all the crit­ical threats in cyber­space, and know how to pro­tect your data against them!

Target groups and preconditions

People both young and young at heart from the age of 15, who are rel­a­tively familiar with using com­puters, smart­phones or tablets and the imple­men­ta­tion of basic secu­rity mea­sures (virus pro­tec­tion, fire­wall, etc.), but would like to find out what else there is to con­sider, or have spe­cific questions.

No spe­cific pre­vious knowl­edge required.


Dura­tion: 1 hour

Held: Online (using “Zoom”)



Course dates

Please note that you need a com­puter (run­ning Win­dows or macOS) or tablet with Internet access and a speaker to attend this course. We will e-mail you instruc­tions on how to use Zoom before the course.

In German


You will have to reg­ister for this course! Please use the top button dis­played next to the required course. Please note you will be reg­is­tering on the Lucerne Uni­ver­sity of Applied Sci­ences and Arts web­site, i.e. you will be redi­rected there.

The number of par­tic­i­pants is lim­ited. We reserve the right to move course dates.

These dates don’t suit you? Please enter your details here, and we will notify you as soon as any new course dates are published.

They were organ­ised and will be held by Lucerne School of Com­puter Sci­ence and Infor­ma­tion Technology.

In case of queries on this course, please use our con­tact form.

Course overview

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Online course for the under-30s

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