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5 steps for your digital security

Protect your data and devices with our “5 steps for your digital security”.

1 – Backing up data

How much do you value your data? You should regularly back them up onto at least one second medium, and always check that your data have actually been backed up, too.
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2 – Monitoring with antivirus software and firewall

What kinds of “access doors” are open on your device, and which kind of viruses can pass through? Practically none, as long as you have activated a firewall and installed antivirus software.
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3 – Preventing with software updates

Who better to look after your programmes' security than their manufacturers? Maintain your system, software and apps, and make sure to regularly run the latest updates.
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4 – Protecting online access

Do you lock your door when you leave your home? You should also protect your devices and online access against access by strangers the same way.
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5 – Exercising care and remaining alert

Do you believe everything they want you to believe? Take responsibility yourself, and always apply a healthy dose of suspicion when surfing.
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