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Cer­tifi­cates incor­rect? Wrong website!

Is this really your bank’s e-banking portal, or a fake? You can find out by checking the cer­tifi­cate fin­ger­print on our web­site. In excep­tional cases, this might not work reli­ably though.

Our page lists all our partner banks’ cer­tifi­cate fin­ger­prints. You can com­pare these with the one on your e-banking portal and con­firm that you are actu­ally on the cor­rect page. If these so-called fin­ger­prints do not agree, you are on the wrong web­site. More infor­ma­tion on this can be found here.

There are some excep­tions though. Cer­tain secu­rity sys­tems, for instance some anti-virus soft­ware, inter­pose their own cer­tifi­cate between your com­puter and a web­site. Avast for instance uses its “https scan­ning func­tion” to check encrypted traffic for mal­ware. With https scan­ning acti­vated, fin­ger­prints will never match. That’s because your browser shows the AVAST cer­tifi­cate and not the one pro­vided by the bank.

Func­tions like “https scan­ning” are con­tro­ver­sial. That’s because any pur­ported secu­rity gains (scan­ning encrypted traffic) might just come at the expense of secure con­nec­tions. Most secu­rity sys­tems allow for this func­tion to be deac­ti­vated. It is per­fectly safe to do so in a pri­vate set­ting; at least tem­porarily to check a fin­ger­print or even per­ma­nently, for as long as you adhere to our 5 steps for your dig­ital secu­rity.

What else would you like to learn about security when e-banking?

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