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Certificates incorrect? Wrong website!

Is this really your bank’s e-banking portal, or a fake? You can find out by checking the certificate fingerprint on our website. In exceptional cases, this might not work reliably though.

Our page lists all our partner banks’ certificate fingerprints. You can compare these with the one on your e-banking portal and confirm that you are actually on the correct page. If these so-called fingerprints do not agree, you are on the wrong website. More information on this can be found here.

There are some exceptions though. Certain security systems, for instance some anti-virus software, interpose their own certificate between your computer and a website. Avast for instance uses its “https scanning function” to check encrypted traffic for malware. With https scanning activated, fingerprints will never match. That’s because your browser shows the AVAST certificate and not the one provided by the bank.

Functions like “https scanning” are controversial. That’s because any purported security gains (scanning encrypted traffic) might just come at the expense of secure connections. Most security systems allow for this function to be deactivated. It is perfectly safe to do so in a private setting; at least temporarily to check a fingerprint or even permanently, for as long as you adhere to our 5 steps for your digital security.

What else would you like to learn about security when e-banking?

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