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Facebook Settings

Facebook offers a multitude of configuration options. It‘s not always easy to keep track of all the various settings offered and to select the best settings for your purposes. Our checklist is meant to assist you to protect your account and all your published information in the best possible way.

We have tried to draw up as universally applicable a set of instructions for private users as possible. Nevertheless, the individual configuration options and settings may differ in specific cases. This checklist refers to the Facebook settings available as at 27th February 2024 as displayed in a desktop computer browser.

As a rule, the settings described here are automatically adopted in the Facebook app. Depending on your smartphone and operating system though, there may be some additional settings in the app which are not discussed here.

To display the Facebook account settings, click the arrow icon in the page header, and select the «Settings & Privacy» and then «Settings» entry from the menu.

Accounts Center – Profiles

Here you can find all your accounts regarding Instagram, Facebook and Horizon.

Accounts Center – Connected experiences

CategoryOur Recommendation
Sharing across profilesDepending on your requirements
Loggings in with accountsSpecify, which accounts can log in to other accounts

Accounts Center – Accounts

Add or remove accounts from this Accounts Center.

Accounts Center – Personal details

CategoryOur Recommendation
Contact InfoUse a free address without any indication of your identity (e.g. ferrari397@gmail.com). Optionally, you can also register a mobile number, which will then be required for log-in confirmations as necessary.
BirthdayShows the registered date of birth
Identity confirmationNot required in Switzerland
Account ownership and controlDepending on your requirements

Accounts Center – Password and security

CategorySub-categoryOur Recommendation
Login & recovery Change passwordManage your passwords outside of Facebook, for instance using a password manager.
Two-factor authenticationActivate
Saved loginDetails oft he saved logins
Security checksWhere you’re logged inList is automatically created by Facebook
Login alertsActivate for all accounts
Recent emailsEmails received
Security CheckupCheck your accounts for security here

Accounts Center – Your information and permissions

CategoryOur Recommendation
Access your informationYou will be redirected to your Facebook account to view your information there.
Download your informationYou can request a copy of all your information at any time.
Transfer a copy of your informationYou can transfer a copy of information you created or shared on Facebook or Instagram to another service.
Search historyDepending on your requirments
Your activity off Meta technologiesDon't link any activities with Meta if at all possible.
Manage contactsDon't synchronise any lists of contacts with Instagram if at all possible.
Manage cookiesDepending on your requirements

Accounts Center – Ad preferences

Depending on your requirements

Accounts Center – Meta Pay

CategoryOur Recommendation
Meta PayRequired for certain games and activities. Encryption and security are of good quality in accordance with common standards.

Accounts Center – Meta Verified

You can obtain additional premium benefits such as additional support and increased account protection with a Meta Verified subscription. This can be set depending on your requirements.

Tools and resources

CategoryOur Recommendation
Privacy CheckupThis is where you can check your privacy.
SupervisionDepending on your requirements


Depending on your requirements

Audience and visibility - Profile details

Here you can change your profile picture, create a profile, enter gender information, and make account suggestions settings.

Audience and visibility - How people find and contact you

CategorySub-categoryOur Recommendation
Your friendsWho can send you friend requests?Friends of friends
Who can see your friends list?Only me
Who can Facebook suggest your profile to based on your phone number or email address?People with your email addressFriends
People with your phone numberFriends
Do you want search engines outside of Facebook to link your profile?Don't activate
How you get message requestsFor friends of friends on Facebook, deliver requests to:Chats
For others on Facebook, deliver requests to:Message requests

Audience and visibility - Posts

CategoryOur Recommendation
Who can see your future posts?Friends
Limit who can see past postsLimit Past Posts

Audience and visibility - Stories

CategoryOur Recommendation
Who can see your stories?Friends
Allow others to share your public stories to their own story?Dont' activate
Allow people to share your stories if you mention them?Dont' activate
Archiving your storiesDont' activate

Audience and visibility - Reels

CategoryOur Recommendation
Allow others to share your reels to their stories?Dont' activate
Who can see your reels?Friends

Audience and visibility - Followers and public content

CategoryOur Recommendation
Who can follow meFriends
Who can see your followers on your timelineOnly me
Who can see the people, Pages and lists you follow?Only me
Who can comment on your public posts?Friends
Public post notificationsOnly me
Public profile infoFriends
Show most relevant comments firstDon't activate
Off-Facebook previewsActivate
Hide comments containing certain words from your profileDepending on your requirements

Audience and visibility - Profile and Tagging

CategorySub-categoryOur Recommendation
Viewing and sharingWho can post on your profile?Only me
Who can see what others post on your profile?Only me
Hide comments containing certain words from your profileDepending on your requirements
TaggingWho can see posts you're tagged in on your profile?Only me
When you're tagged in a post, who do you want to add to the audience of the post if they can't already see it?Only me
ReviewingReview tags people add to your posts before the tags appear on Facebook?Acitvate
Review posts you're tagged on before the post appears on your profile?Activate

Audience and visibility - Blocking

Depending on your requirements

Payment - Ads payments

Depending on your requirements

Your activity and permissions - Activity log

This is where you can track your activities and permissions.

Your activity and permissions - Apps and websites

This is where you can see all apps and websites linked to your Facebook account.

Your activity and permissions - Business integrations

Depending on your requirements

Your activity and permissions - Information use for Facebook experiences

Depending on your requirements

Your activity and permissions - Learn how to manage your information

This is where you can manage all your information in detail.

Your information

This is a link to your account overview. You can reactivate pages you deactivated under “Reactivate a page”.

Community Standards and Legal Policies

This is where you will find information on terms and conditions of use, privacy policy, cookie policy and community standards.

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