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LinkedIn Settings

LinkedIn offers a multitude of configuration options. It is not always easy to keep track of all the various settings offered and to select the best settings for your purposes. Our checklist is meant to assist you to protect your account and all your published information in the best possible way.

We have tried to draw up as universally applicable a set of instructions for private users as possible. Nevertheless, the individual configuration options and settings may differ in specific cases. This checklist refers to the LinkedIn settings available as of 22nd January 2024 as displayed in a desktop computer browser.

As a rule, the settings described here are automatically adopted in the LinkedIn app. Depending on your smartphone and operating system though, there may be some additional settings in the app which are not discussed here.

To display the account settings in LinkedIn, click the arrow symbol next to “Me” top right of the page, and select “Settings & Privacy” from the menu.

Account preferences

CategorySub-categoryOur recommendation
Profile informationName, location, and industryRestrict yourself to details which are relevant to the world of work.
Personal demographic informationDo not submit any demographic data
VerificationsDepending on your requirements
DisplayDark modeDepending on your requirements
General preferencesLanguageDepending on your requirements
Content languageDepending on your requirements
Autoplay videosDepending on your requirements
Sound effectsDepending on your requirements
Showing profile photosDepending on your requirements
Feed preferencesOnly follow people and institutions which are relevant to you from a professional and specialist point of view.
People also viewedOff
People you unfollowedDepending on your requirements
Syncing optionsSync calendarDon’t use, “Remove All” if necessary
Sync contactsDon’t use, “Remove All” if necessary
Subscriptions & paymentsUpgrade for FreeDepending on your requirements
View purchase historyIf you are using chargeable functions, you can track your transactions here.
Partners & servicesMicrosoftDon’t use, “Remove All” if necessary
Account managementMerge accountsDepending on your requirements
Hibernate accountDepending on your requirements
Close accountAs soon as you no longer wish to use LinkedIn

Sign in & security

CategorySub-categoryOur recommendation
Account accessEmail addressesUse a free address without any indication of your identity (e.g. ferrari397@gmail.com).
Phone numbersOptionally, you can also register a mobile number, which will then be required for log-in confirmations as necessary.
Change passwordManage your passwords outside of Facebook, for instance using a password manager.
PasskeysDepending on your requirements
Where you’re signed inRegularly close sessions you no longer need.
Devices that remember your passwordCheck this regularly, and keep the number of devices where your password is saved to a minimum.
Two-step verificationActivate.


CategorySub-categoryOur recommendation
Visibility of your profile & networkProfile viewing optionsPrivate mode
Edit your public profileOnly ever allow the display of the minimum details, which are absolutely necessary.
Information visible here can be searched and viewed directly from the Internet.
Who can see or download your email address„Who can see … on your profile or in approved apps?” -> Only visible to me

“Allow your connections to download your email (...) in their data export” -> Off

Who can see members you followOnly visible to me
Who can see your last nameDepending on your requirements
Representing your organization and interestsOff
Profile discovery and visibility off LinkedInOff
Profile discovery using email address1st and 2nd-degree connections
Profile discovery using phone number2nd-degree connections
BlockingDepending on your requirements
Visibility of your LinkedIn activityManage active statusNo one
Share profile updates with your networkOff
Notify connections when you're in the newsOff
Mentions or TagsOff

Data privacy

CategorySub-categoryOur recommendation
How LinkedIn uses your dataManage your data and activityNo settings
Get a copy of your dataDepending on your requirements
Manage cookie preferences„Cookies“ -> Off
Search historyRegularly delete your search history
Personal demographic informationDo not submit any demographic data
Social, economic, and workplace researchOff
Who can reach youInvitations to connectDepending on your requirements
Invitations from your networkDepending on your requirements
MessagesAll off
Research invitesOff
Messaging experienceFocused InboxOff
Read receipts and typing indicatorsOff
Messaging suggestionsOff
Message nudgesDepending on your requirements
Automated detection of harmful contentOn
Job seeking preferencesJob application settings“Save and manage your resumes and answers” -> Off
Sharing your profile when you click ApplyDepending on your requirements
Signal your interest to recruiters at companies you've created job alerts forOff
Stored job applicant accountsCheck the accounts listed and delete it from the applicants tracking system and LinkedIn if necessary.
Other applicationsPermitted servicesCheck regularly and remove any services not required.
Microsoft WordOff

Advertising data

CategorySub-categoryOur recommendation
Advertising preferencesProfile data for personalizing adsOff
Interests and traitsOff
Data collected on LinkedInConnectionsOff
„Use your age for ads“ -> Off
„Use your gender for ads“ -> Off
Companies you followOff
EducationDeselect all
Job informationDeselect all
EmployerDeselect all
Third-party dataAudience insights for websites you visitOff
Ads outside of LinkedInOff
Interactions with businessesOff
Ad-related actionsOff


CategorySub-categoryOur recommendation
Notifications you receiveSearching for a jobOff
Hiring someoneAll off
Connecting with othersOff
Posting and commentingOff
MessagingDepending on your requirements
GroupsDepending on your requirements
PagesDepending on your requirements
Attending eventsDepending on your requirements
Following the newsDepending on your requirements
Updating your profileOff

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