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LinkedIn Set­tings

LinkedIn offers a mul­ti­tude of con­fig­u­ra­tion options. It is not always easy to keep track of all the var­ious set­tings offered and to select the best set­tings for your pur­poses. Our check­list is meant to assist you to pro­tect your account and all your pub­lished infor­ma­tion in the best pos­sible way.

We have tried to draw up as uni­ver­sally applic­able a set of instruc­tions for pri­vate users as pos­sible. Nev­er­the­less, the indi­vidual con­fig­u­ra­tion options and set­tings may differ in spe­cific cases. This check­list refers to the LinkedIn set­tings avail­able as of 9th August 2023 as dis­played in a desktop com­puter browser.

As a rule, the set­tings described here are auto­mat­i­cally adopted in the LinkedIn app. Depending on your smart­phone and oper­ating system though, there may be some addi­tional set­tings in the app which are not dis­cussed here.

To dis­play the account set­tings in LinkedIn, click the arrow symbol next to “Me” top right of the page, and select “Set­tings & Pri­vacy” from the menu.

Account pref­er­ences

Cat­e­gorySub-cat­e­goryOur rec­om­men­da­tion
Pro­file informationName, loca­tion, and industryRestrict your­self to details which are rel­e­vant to the world of work.
Per­sonal demo­graphic informationDo not submit any demo­graphic data
Ver­i­fi­ca­tionsDepending on your requirements
Dis­playDark modeDepending on your requirements
Site pref­er­encesLan­guageDepending on your requirements
Con­tent languageDepending on your requirements
Auto­play videosDepending on your requirements
Sound effectsDepending on your requirements
Showing pro­file photosDepending on your requirements
Feed pref­er­encesOnly follow people and insti­tu­tions which are rel­e­vant to you from a pro­fes­sional and spe­cialist point of view. 
People also viewedOff
People you unfollowedDepending on your requirements
Syncing optionsSync cal­endarDon’t use, “Remove All” if necessary
Sync con­tactsDon’t use, “Remove All” if necessary
Sub­scrip­tions & paymentsUpgrade for FreeDepending on your requirements
View pur­chase historyIf you are using charge­able func­tions, you can track your trans­ac­tions here.
Part­ners & servicesMicrosoftDon’t use, “Remove All” if necessary
Twitter set­tingsDon’t use, “Remove All” if necessary
Account man­age­mentMerge accountsDepending on your requirements
Hiber­nate accountDepending on your requirements
Close accountAs soon as you no longer wish to use LinkedIn

Sign in & security

Cat­e­gorySub-cat­e­goryOur rec­om­men­da­tion
Account accessEmail addressesUse a free address without any indi­ca­tion of your iden­tity (e.g. ferrari397@gmail.com).
Phone num­bersOption­ally, you can also reg­ister a mobile number, which will then be required for log-in con­fir­ma­tions as necessary.
Change pass­wordManage your pass­words out­side of Face­book, for instance using a pass­word manager.
Where you’re signed inReg­u­larly close ses­sions you no longer need.
Devices that remember your pass­wordCheck this reg­u­larly, and keep the number of devices where your pass­word is saved to a minimum.
Two-step ver­i­fi­ca­tionActi­vate.


Cat­e­gorySub-cat­e­goryOur rec­om­men­da­tion
Vis­i­bility of your pro­file & networkPro­file viewing optionsPri­vate mode
Edit your public profileOnly ever allow the dis­play of the min­imum details, which are absolutely necessary.
Infor­ma­tion vis­ible here can be searched and viewed directly from the Internet.
Who can see or down­load your email address„Who can see … on your pro­file or in approved apps?” -> Only vis­ible to me

“Allow your con­nec­tions to down­load your email (...) in their data export” -> Off

Who can see mem­bers you followOnly vis­ible to me
Who can see your last nameDepending on your requirements
Rep­re­senting your orga­ni­za­tion and interestsOff
Pro­file dis­covery and vis­i­bility off LinkedInOff
Pro­file dis­covery using email address1st and 2nd-degree connections
Pro­file dis­covery using phone number2nd-degree con­nec­tions
BlockingDepending on your requirements
Vis­i­bility of your LinkedIn activityManage active statusNo one
Share pro­file updates with your networkOff
Notify con­nec­tions when you're in the newsOff
Men­tions or TagsOff

Data pri­vacy

Cat­e­gorySub-cat­e­goryOur rec­om­men­da­tion
How LinkedIn uses your dataManage your data and activityNo set­tings
Get a copy of your dataDepending on your requirements
Manage cookie preferences„Cookies“ -> Off
Salary data on LinkedInDo not submit any salary data 
Search his­toryReg­u­larly delete your search history
Per­sonal demo­graphic informationDo not submit any demo­graphic data
Social, eco­nomic, and work­place researchOff
Who can reach youInvi­ta­tions to connectDepending on your requirements
Invi­ta­tions from your networkDepending on your requirements
Mes­sagesAll off
Research invitesOff
Mes­saging experienceFocused InboxOff
Read receipts and typing indicatorsOff
Mes­saging suggestionsOff
Mes­sage nudgesDepending on your requirements
Auto­mated detec­tion of harmful contentOn
Job seeking preferencesJob appli­ca­tion settings“Save and manage your resumes and answers” -> Off
Sharing your pro­file when you click ApplyDepending on your requirements
Signal your interest to recruiters at com­pa­nies you've cre­ated job alerts forOff
Stored job appli­cant accountsCheck the accounts listed and delete it from the appli­cants tracking system and LinkedIn if necessary.
Other appli­ca­tionsPer­mitted servicesCheck reg­u­larly and remove any ser­vices not required.
Microsoft WordOff

Adver­tising data

Cat­e­gorySub-cat­e­goryOur rec­om­men­da­tion
Adver­tising preferencesPro­file data for per­son­al­izing adsOff
Interest cat­e­goriesOff
Data col­lected on LinkedInCon­nec­tionsOff
„Use your age for ads“ -> Off
„Use your gender for ads“ -> Off
Com­pa­nies you followOff
Edu­ca­tionDes­e­lect all
Job infor­ma­tionDes­e­lect all
EmployerDes­e­lect all
Third-party dataAudi­ence insights for web­sites you visitOff
Ads out­side of LinkedInOff
Inter­ac­tions with businessesOff
Ad-related actionsOff


Cat­e­gorySub-cat­e­goryOur rec­om­men­da­tion
Noti­fi­ca­tions you receiveSearching for a jobOff
Hiring someoneAll off
Con­necting with othersOff
Posting and commentingOff
Mes­sagingDepending on your requirements
GroupsDepending on your requirements
PagesDepending on your requirements
Attending eventsDepending on your requirements
Fol­lowing the newsDepending on your requirements
Updating your profileOff

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