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Ad blocker and anti-tracking tools

Soft­ware blocking ads or pro­tecting user pri­vacy when surfing the web some­times result in severe con­flicts on cer­tain web­sites and with some e-banking solu­tions. Yet you don’t have to com­pletely do without these useful tools.

Some tips for using ad blockers and anti-tracking tools:

  • Before poten­tially installing a browser plug-in, please check the level of pri­vacy pro­tec­tion already offered by your browser as standard.
  • Only install pro­grams and browser plug-ins you absolutely need; remove any tools you don’t use (any longer).
  • Before installing any soft­ware or browser plug-in, check it for its trust­wor­thi­ness by checking the number of down­loads, reviews/ratings and poten­tially also test reports on other websites.
  • Famil­iarise your­self with how to use a tool. Con­sult its help func­tion or the man­u­fac­turer web­site for infor­ma­tion on how to use it correctly.
  • Once installed, mon­itor how the tool behaves. Should it not fulfil your expec­ta­tions or cause prob­lems on cer­tain web­sites, check your set­tings and set a tem­po­rary excep­tion for each respec­tive web­site (for instance for e-banking) if required.

An increasing number of users employ ad blockers to sup­press ads, or so-called anti-tracking tools so that random web­sites cannot just track your com­plete browser his­tory. These useful pro­grams are either installed as browser plug-ins or as stand-alone soft­ware. Some­times they also come as extra func­tion­ality with cer­tain antivirus software.

Yet some­thing which basi­cally makes good sense can lead to prob­lems on cer­tain web­sites or when e-banking. That’s because these small util­i­ties are some­times overzealous and also block those func­tions required to cor­rectly dis­play a web­site or e-banking solution.

It is how­ever pos­sible to still do your e-banking without having to do without gen­eral pro­tec­tion from ads and tracking: Prac­ti­cally all ad blockers and anti-tracking tools offer an option to define excep­tions for cer­tain trust­worthy web­sites, for instance when accessing your e-banking facility - either tem­porarily or permanently.


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