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Be careful with small ad portal adverts

Internet fraud­sters like to use online small ads for their schemes. They are cur­rently trying to entrap TWINT users.

There is a new fre­quently used scam at the moment involving TWINT on small ad plat­forms. Instead of sending money, pur­ported poten­tial buyers use the TWINT pay­ment app to send a money request amounting to the amount agreed. Unwary “fast tap­pers” fre­quently mis­in­ter­pret the noti­fi­ca­tion received and accept such a money request. There is then no fur­ther con­tact, and no repay­ment is made.

Since TWINT is a pay­ment app con­sid­ered to be rep­utable and with many ver­i­fied users which is gen­er­ally safe to use, trans­ac­tion part­ners are gen­er­ally trusted. Fraud­sters though abuse this trust to send sellers a money request instead of a payment.

How to pro­tect yourself:

  • You should gen­er­ally be careful when using small ad plat­forms, since this is often where fraud­sters can be found.
  • Check care­fully whether you have received a pay­ment or money request in your TWINT app and check the amount plus the recip­ient when sending money before con­firming the transaction.
  • Report any such inci­dent and the tele­phone number of the fraud­ster involved to the police or the small ad plat­form oper­ator if necessary.


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