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A second wave is swamping home offices

Switzerland is affected by another wave of coronavirus infections, with measures being tightened both across cantons and nationwide. Amongst other things, BAG recommends the working population should “work from home if at all possible”.  Accordingly, it is high time to once again address the security issues of working from home.

Ever since the months of spring this year, many people had to address the issue of working from home for the first time. And sometimes, they simply felt swamped by it. In such an unusual situation, it is not exactly information security which is foremost in people’s minds – something which plays into the hands of cyber-criminals, too. Since the pandemic began, these have been specialising in attacks on those working from home, and they still pose a threat to companies, employees and their families alike.

Meanwhile, working from inside your own four walls has become part of everday working life and something of a habit. Now would be a good time to address the information security issues involved in working from home, and to implement any measures still outstanding.

For this reason, we would therefore like to once again call your attention to our article on our “5 recommendations for a secure home office”. Not only will these recommendations ensure better security for your home office. These measures will also protect you and your family, since they are preventing the whole of your home from falling victim to a cyber-attack.

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