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The end of Win­dows 7 is near

In about a months’ time, sup­port for Win­dows 7 will cease. After that point in time, no fur­ther secu­rity updates will be pro­vided. Users should there­fore switch over to Win­dows 10 as soon as they can.

The last secu­rity updates for Win­dows 7 and Win­dows 2008 servers will be issued on 14th Jan­uary 2020. After this date, these oper­ating sys­tems will offi­cially have reached the end of their ten-year sup­port period and will no longer be pro­vided with patches and tech­nical sup­port.

Pri­vate Win­dows 7 users should switch over to Win­dows 10 as soon as they can, since an obso­lete oper­ating system is vul­ner­able to mal­ware. It there­fore con­sti­tutes an easy target for cyber crim­i­nals who will specif­i­cally target any such vul­ner­a­bility.

Cor­po­rate cus­tomers unable to switch in time for the end of sup­port period are able to use Microsoft’s Extended Secu­rity Updates (ESU).  This fee-based offer ensures that secu­rity updates are sup­plied for a fur­ther max­imum of three years - i.e. until Jan­uary 2023.


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