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Mobile oper­ating sys­tems and e-banking

Does your device sup­port the latest oper­ating system updates? The older your mobile device, the bigger the risk that new oper­ating system updates are no longer sup­ported. This can affect your use of e-banking authen­tifi­ca­tion methods.

The problem lies with man­u­fac­turers of mobile devices – Android-based ones in par­tic­ular – which are very slow to offer updates for their equip­ment.  For devices run­ning Android oper­ating sys­tems, some­times as few as one or two updates only are offered. Newer ver­sions are gen­er­ally no longer sup­ported on devices three or four years old. The sit­u­a­tion looks a bit brighter for iPhone users. Newer iOS oper­ating system will still run on older devices, too.

What does all this mean for e-banking authen­tifi­ca­tion? If at all pos­sible, e-banking providers are striving to have their e-banking apps run on the latest mobile phone oper­ating sys­tems only, so to war­rant a high secu­rity stan­dard for e-banking and to avoid older oper­ating system vul­ner­a­bil­i­ties affecting their e-banking facil­i­ties. This only becomes a problem for anyone with an older mobile phone which still works per­fectly well. If newer mobile oper­ating system ver­sions are no longer sup­ported by older mobile devices, these will no longer meet the e-banking app require­ments. Thus people see them­selves forced to obtain a new mobile device or to change to dif­ferent log-in methods for their e-banking. Still, this is not pos­sible with every bank.

Please con­tact your bank to find out the min­imum access require­ments for their e-banking facility and any poten­tial alter­na­tive log-in solutions.

From a secu­rity tech­nology aspect, one of the most impor­tant things is to pro­vide all devices with their latest updates. You can find fur­ther infor­ma­tion on this under step 3 of our “5 steps for your dig­ital security”.

What else would you like to learn about security when e-banking?

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