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Is your mobile device fit for the holidays?

Not long to go until the summer hol­i­days now. To enjoy a com­pletely relaxing hol­iday, pro­tect your mobile device and any data stored on it.

For many people, sum­mer­time means hol­iday time. And your smart­phone or tablet will no doubt come along for the ride, too – for use as your camera, route planner, hiking map, purse and mobile com­puter for surfing the Internet or e-banking.

To avoid unpleasant sur­prises, you should pre­pare your mobile devices for your holidays:

Make a back-up
Your devices could get lost or dam­aged on hol­iday. Back up your data before you leave, just in case.
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Update oper­ating system and apps
Out­dated soft­ware is often prone to vul­ner­a­bil­i­ties, making it easy for attackers to take con­trol of a device. Install the latest ver­sion of your OS and all apps.
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Acti­vate screen lock
With tablets and smart­phones, the risk of loss or theft is con­sid­er­ably greater than with your home PC. Make sure to acti­vate your auto­matic screen lock via code, pass­word, fin­ger­print or face recog­ni­tion on all mobile devices.
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Install antivirus app
Mal­ware is ever-present on mobile devices, too. There is an even higher risk of infec­tion when trav­el­ling. Make absolutely sure to use an antivirus app on your Android device.
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Install banking app
To also do your banking on the go, install your finan­cial institution’s mobile banking app, if avail­able, from the offi­cial store. Acti­vate or set this up before you leave. To check on your account on the go, you can also acti­vate messages/notifications (e. g. via SMS) for any account movements.
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Also: Remember to take the right travel adaptor for your charger, and to acti­vate your data roaming option, if applicable.


Fur­ther tips on how to securely use your mobile devices away from home can be found here:  https://www.ebas.ch/en/holidays-trips/

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