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Blackmail e-mails: Don’t fall for it!

Currently, there is an increasing number of spam mails in circulation sent out by criminals in an attempt to blackmail people into parting with hush money. In no case should you give in to such demands.

Various Swiss police stations are currently warning of a wave of blackmail e-mails. Fraudsters claim to have hacked your router and filmed you visiting erotic websites. These cyber-criminals hope to intimidate recipients of such mails into paying them ransom money into a bitcoin account.

The trick: Most probably you have never been hacked. You should therefore simply mark such e-mails as spam and delete them. In no case should you pay any ransom. To be on the safe side, you should change your e-mail account password. If you have already paid, the police recommends you report this as an offence at your local police station.

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