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Secure log-ins with passwords and co.

World Password Day of all things was used to discuss abolishing passwords altogether among experts. Quite some time should pass till that time comes though, and our security recommendations for passwords still apply.

“Handling passwords is either complicated or not secure.” Such or similar statements served to pitch the replacement of this seemingly unpopular method of authentication on the occasion of World Password Day.

Why exactly none of the alternatives introduced so far has been able to prevail is due to many reasons. On the one hand, a comprehensive introduction presents a challenge. On the other, no-one can agree whether all those new solutions are that much better. Because they all have their snags, too.

The highly-rated FIDO2 process for instance allows logging in securely without having to remember a password to do so. It uses so-called physical tokens instead, but then it is easy to lose them. And no token, no access...

It will probably still take quite a while until any alternative to our good old passwords will have managed to prevail. You should therefore continue to create secure passwords and use a password manager to help you do so.


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