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Pass­word man­ager – secu­rity through variety

A pass­word man­ager pro­vides for high com­plexity and variety of your pass­words, and in a com­fort­able manner. We answer the most impor­tant questions.

What is a pass­word manager?

A pro­gram enabling you to gen­erate, manage and store strong pass­words for any online ser­vice – including your e-banking facility – in a com­fort­able, secure and encrypted manner.

How does a pass­word man­ager work?

When set­ting up your pass­word man­ager, you create a single strong pass­word which you will have to remember. It is only with this pass­word that you can access all your other pass­words and use all func­tions this pro­gram has to offer.

What are the ben­e­fits in terms of security?

A pass­word man­ager gen­er­ates strong pass­words and facil­i­tates their use. If you want, they can be so strong that you can't even remember them. But you don’t have to remember them anyway, since your pass­word man­ager will do that for you.

In addi­tion, using a pass­word man­ager will pro­vide for more variety of your pass­words, and as every­body knows, more variety means increased resis­tance. If one of your pass­words is “exposed”, not all is auto­mat­i­cally lost.

Are there any risks?

Of course there are risks. Mal­ware on your device could for instance wait for you to unlock your pass­word man­ager and then steal all of your pass­words. You should there­fore pro­tect your device with the 5 steps for your dig­ital secu­rity to min­imise any such risks. You should also con­sider that mal­ware could end up cap­turing your access data one day anyway, even without the use of a pass­word manager.

Still scep­tical?

Our article on Pro­tecting online access will pro­vide you with more infor­ma­tion on this topic. We also list the best-known (and some­times free) pass­word man­agers there.

Tip: Next to pass­words, you can also use a pass­word man­ager to securely store other kind of “secrets”, for instance credit card infor­ma­tion or notes.

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