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Sophisticated phishing attempts by phone

A current wave of attacks starts with a WhatsApp call and might just result in the abuse of your credit card data. Protect yourself!

With this current phishing wave, someone pretending to work for a telecom provider will make contact about an alleged block on their victim’s telephone number via WhatsApp first. Later on in the conversation, they will fraudulently obtain access to this mobile phone’s payment function allowing the attacker to make purchases at their victim’s expense. They will also try to persuade their victim to enter his or her credit card details on a fake website.

During this attempted fraud, consumers are asked to pass on a one-off code they received to their attacker. This is meant to bypass the two-factor authentication process of their telecom or credit card provider.

Never pass on confidential information such as account numbers, passwords, PIN codes or one-off codes to anyone to avoid falling victim to attackers like this! Additional information can also be found in our article on “Phishing”.


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