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Black Friday: Buy “securely”!

Next Friday is Black Friday. Online shops are trying to tempt you with huge discounts and look forward to brisk business. But all those Black Friday campaigns don’t just attract customers – but also criminals!

Whether for smartphones, TVs, game consoles, video games or kitchen appliances:  On Black Friday, there is a veritable run on online shops. Many want to profit from those bargains  – criminals, too.

To shop online as “securely” as possible, you should note the following recommendations:

  • Shop only at trustworthy online shops
    You should check out the vendor you are dealing with before you buy online every time. Next to all those large and well-known traders, there are also many unknown ones: You can tell a reputable vendor by the following characteristics:
    • Does the website have a transparent design? Are their T&Cs and contact details (address, telephone number, e-mail etc.) stated on their site?
    • Is it a Swiss vendor? To make sure, you can check this on www.zefix.ch.
    • Is there a free option to contact them by phone?
    • Enter the name of the vendor into a search engine: Are the reports you find positive or negative ones?
  • Check that the connection is secure before entering any sensitive details
    Regardless of whether you are using an online shop, please note: Always make sure that all data (in particular all passwords and credit card details) are transmitted in encrypted form. You can read up on how to recognise a secure connection here.
  • Use strong passwords
    Next to account details, passwords for online shops are a popular target of so-called “phishers”. Using such passwords, criminals could order goods at your expense or abuse your credit card details for other purposes. You can read up on how to create and use secure passwords here.
  • Be careful with advance payments
    If possible, always order your goods on account and don’t pay in advance. Otherwise there is a risk that you never receive your goods and lose your money.
  • Protect your devices
    Make sure your devices are well protected by consulting our “5 steps for your digital security”.

Further information can also be found on the Wegweiser Online-Shopping (online shopping guide) by the Staatssekretariat für Wirtschaft SECO.

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