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Curb your apps’ curiosity

Are you minimising your data use, and have you removed all apps you don’t actually need from your mobile devices? Well done – now you should ensure you restrict your existing apps’ permissions. This will make your devices less prone to attack and serves to protect your privacy.

There are certain apps you like to use frequently; still you might not always need to rely on all of the functionality they have to offer. One example for this is the Messenger app, which for instance enables you to share your location directly with all your contacts. To do so, this app must be allowed to access your location information and needs the relevant permissions to do so. If you don’t need this function, you should deactivate it, since it poses an unnecessary threat to your security and privacy.

Use your mobile device’s privacy settings to restrict the permissions of such apps. Under iOS and Android , you will find these in your settings, under such headings as “privacy”, “data protection” or “app permissions”.


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