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NCSC Semi-annual report: Focus on SME cyber security

Switzerland is a country full of SMEs and home to a large variety of SMEs engaged in a wide variety of industries, coming in all sizes and with the most diverse conditions and requirements. There just is no “one size fits all” solution for SME cyber security.

In their semi-annual report 2022/II, the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) makes it clear that it is not just large corporations which are targeted by cyber-criminals. SMEs are just as interesting targets for their attacks. These might take the form of opportunistic strikes using a scattergun approach or of targeted attacks on SMEs, sometimes involving very sensitive and interesting data records.

Even if no SME is exactly the same as the next, they all share on thing: Their frequently limited resources don’t allow for the establishment of a large security department. If an SME succeeds in gathering and implementing cyber skills in all business segments and at all managerial levels without losing their economical power, it may just benefit from quite a large advantage in our increasingly digital economy. Florian Schütz, Bund für Cybersicherheit delegate, argues for tackling this plan together: authorities, business, science and society should cooperate to provide the SME country of Switzerland with just such an advantage.

“eBanking – but secure!” in its role as a competence centre and imparting know-how through its trainings, courses and newsletters contributes to this objective. It is in this context that online courses for SMEs are held once again this year. The first part of these courses uses current incidents and examples to illustrate and discuss today’s threats. The second part serves to discuss first steps and measures to take for increased information security and data protection. This will equip you with basic knowledge to enable you to ask the right questions of the right places inside a business.

You can obtain this knowledge on 27/06/2023 in our online course for SMEs. Take the first step towards increased information security inside your business now and register here.

You can download the complete interim report here.

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