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Crypto currency course

The world of finance is changing continuously and at a rapid pace. This also includes crypto currencies, which are becoming ever more popular. But do you know what to look out for with these young currencies? Our course on crypto currencies provides you with information, explanations and important tips on this matter.

“eBanking – but secure!” will support you when discovering crypto currencies. During the first part of our course, you will find out what crypto currencies are, how they are structured and what exactly the blockchain technology they are based on involves. The second part will cover safe handling of crypto currencies. This also includes explanations on how to buy, store, pass on and bequeath crypto currencies. Last but not least, we will also discuss risks and protective measures.

If you are interested in any of these topics, register for one of our courses in Bern, Lucerne or Zurich today.

Further details on our course and the registration link can be found here.

What else would you like to learn about security when e-banking?

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