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Online ser­vice security

Time and again, online ser­vices are being hacked, and it is only a ques­tion of time until a ser­vice you use is affected, too. Pro­tect your­self by taking some simple, but effec­tive measures:

There are con­stant reports you read or hear that some online ser­vice or other has lost cus­tomer data into the hands of crim­i­nals. Since such data are fre­quently abused for fraud and black­mail attempts, such a data leak can have dis­as­trous con­se­quences for victims.

Reduce this risk by fol­lowing these tips:

  • Use as few online ser­vices as pos­sible, but as many as nec­es­sary. Delete accounts you no longer use.
  • Only dis­close the absolute min­imum number of details about your­self as is absolutely nec­es­sary when registering.
  • When using a ser­vice, you should always assume that your data will become public or at least acces­sible to strangers one day. Act as if you were in a public place, with people around you able to watch you or listen in to your communications.
  • Use a dif­ferent, secure pass­word for every ser­vice. We would rec­om­mend using a pass­word man­ager to do so.
  • Check reg­u­larly whether you have been affected by a data leak. You can for instance use our link to Have I Been Pwned for this purpose.
  • Change your pass­word imme­di­ately if you ever find out a ser­vice used by you has been affected by a data leak.


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