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Watch out for dubious finan­cial ser­vice providers

Brazen finan­cial ser­vice providers are cur­rently increas­ingly tempting cus­tomers looking to invest with promises of high yields

Faced with the cur­rent low-interest period, investors are sorely tempted to entrust those providers with their money which offer high yields. But the higher the yield, the higher gen­er­ally the risk. Fre­quently, par­tic­u­larly attrac­tive offers fre­quently have rather dubious or even illegal providers hiding behind them. The higher the profits promised then, the more thor­oughly investors should check providers and their offers before deciding on any invest­ments.

Find out here how you can pro­tect your­self against dubious providers.

What else would you like to learn about security when e-banking?

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Basic courses

This basic course will point out cur­rent threats on the Internet and con­veys mea­sures as to how you can pro­tect your­self by taking some simple mea­sures.

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Prac­tical courses

Learn and prac­tice the most impor­tant mea­sures for your com­puter and e-banking secu­rity on com­puters pro­vided by us.

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