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Have you got con­trol over your company’s passwords?

SME are a pop­ular target: Cyber crim­i­nals will do a great deal to obtain access data via hacking, phishing or social engi­neering. Make sure to pro­tect them!

Despite all efforts so far for a pass­word-free future, it looks like pass­word-based access methods will be here to stay for a few years yet. This is because ground­breaking processes, for instance “passkeys” on a bio­metric basis, are simply not devel­oped and dis­trib­uted widely enough just yet.

It is in com­pa­nies in par­tic­ular you will find an abun­dance of gen­eral and employer-spe­cific pass­words. And although it is often dif­fi­cult to manage them, this is of vital impor­tance. That’s because there is a wide­spread risk of data leaks, hacking, phishing or social engi­neering in dig­ital space.

There­fore, it is ever more impor­tant to sen­si­tize your employees to this risk and to have uni­form guide­lines for pass­word use and man­age­ment in place. This is where you should invest in a so-called pass­word policy. How to create and imple­ment such a policy is explained in our latest article on “Pass­word guide­lines for SME”.

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