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Dig­ital sig­na­ture

This is a dig­ital seal which cre­ates a unique con­nec­tion between a nat­ural person and an elec­tronic doc­u­ment (e.g. e-mail), which cannot be manip­u­lated. In accor­dance with a cer­tain cal­cu­la­tion rule, a check sum (hash value) is com­puted from the doc­u­ment to be signed. The check sum is encrypted using the signatory’s secret key, and then sent to recip­i­ents together with the orig­inal doc­u­ment. Applying the same cal­cu­la­tion rule, they will then create another hash value from the doc­u­ment. Recip­i­ents also encrypt the hash value using the public key of senders which has been cre­ated by senders to start with. If both hash values are iden­tical, they can assume that the doc­u­ment has arrived on their system unal­tered, and that the senders are actu­ally who they pur­port to be.

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