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We now offer all «eBanking – but secure!» information in a clear format for smartphones, making them simply and easily available.

The University of Lucerne has been running their free-to-use website www.ebankingbutsecure.ch for three years now. Anyone interested can find practical information on important measures and rules of conduct for safe eBanking. Several Swiss financial institutions now offer their customers access to their accounts while out and about via “mobile banking”, too. We therefore now also offer all «eBanking – but secure!» information in a clear format for smartphones, making them simply and easily available.

«eBanking – but secure!» aims to provide the general public with clear and easy-to-understand security information for eBanking. There are dangers lurking when eBanking via your smartphone, also called «mobile banking», too, against which you should protect yourself, and in as simple a way as possible at that. The easy-to-understand information on www.ebankingbutsecure.ch will therefore now be displayed in a clear format on smartphones, too. All topics, from basics such as logging out down to more complex issues such as checking a certificate’s electronic fingerprint, have now been optimized for display on your smartphone. Current issues discussed in our Security News; instructions; info sheets; or demo clips can now also be retrieved from your mobile phone and are all waiting to be discovered by you.



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