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Quick Response code

Orig­i­nally, QR codes were used to mark assem­blies and com­po­nents in the car man­u­fac­turing sector. Nowa­days, QR codes are also used for invoices (QR invoices) as well as in the pub­lishing and mar­keting sec­tors to link phys­ical objects (prod­ucts, print media, posters, etc.) with the online world and make addi­tional infor­ma­tion avail­able this way. As the con­tents of QR codes cannot readily be decoded by humans, these codes have to be scanned in first, e. g. using a smartphone.

Users cannot usu­ally see what kind of infor­ma­tion is coded into them before scan­ning in a QR code. If pos­sible, they should there­fore use a QR code scanner (app) which dis­plays the decoded con­tents first and asks them whether they would actu­ally like to visit a link or exe­cute a cer­tain action.

Example QR code by “eBanking – but secure!”