eBanking - but secure!


Financial institutions use cutting-edge new security systems to comprehensively protect their customers’ data and finances.
Customer data and finance protection provided by financial institutions


Financial institutions protect you by the following means:

Secure data transfer (1)
During the transfer between customer computer and the financial institution’s server, data are encrypted, making it impossible for third parties to view them.

Protected data access (2)
Identification numbers, passwords, PINs, mTANs and other means of legitimisation are important and effective obstacles against hacker attacks.

Transaction monitoring (3)
All payments transferred by customers pass through special test routine rules before they are executed. Unusual payments, such as international remittances, are submitted to additional checks before they are executed.

Secure data storage (4)
Compared across international standards, Swiss financial institutions provide a very high level of security. Secure computer centres and security systems ensure customers’ data and finances are stored securely. External inspection bodies and ISO standards guarantee standardisation.


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