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What kind of viruses will end up on your computer, your tablet or your smartphone? Practically none, as long as you have installed antivirus software.


Important points to remember
  • Do use up-to-date antivirus software.
  • Configure your software such that it is regularly and automatically updated so it is equipped to deal with the latest threats.
  • Regularly check your computer or your mobile device for malware infections. Have your antivirus software scan your whole system by running a complete system check to this end.


Protected from digital vermin by your antivirus


Without these specific measures, your computer, tablet or smartphone are entirely at the mercy of threats from the Internet and may possibly become infected with malware (viruses, worms, Trojans) in no time at all. In that case, any of your stored data can then be viewed, manipulated or even deleted by unauthorised third parties.


What to do

Install antivirus software, and always keep this up-to-date with the help of automatic updates. Otherwise there is a risk that newly developed malware is not recognized, and can then infect your devices unchecked.



We recommend the following antivirus software for use with Windows, some of which is free:

Windows 8 and Windows 10 are supplied with their «Windows Defender» antivirus software activated by default. However, this only provides basic protection. For optimum protection, you should also use antivirus software from the list above under Windows 8 and Windows 10.


macOS has an integral protective mechanism meant to prevent any malware infections. Also, their «Gatekeeper» software, which is activated by default, will protect you from accidentally installing malware.

The same as with Windows, you should install specific antivirus software under macOS as well. We would recommend the following software, which sometimes comes free of charge, and also recognizes Windows viruses:

Smartphone and Tablet

We recommend the following antivirus software for use with Android, some of which is free:

There is currently no need to run antivirus software on iOS devices such as iPhone or iPad and Windows phone devices. This is due to their embedded operating system, which will prevent the installation of any dubious apps and will severely restrict the rights of installed apps.


Malware infection – what now?

Should you suspect your device is infected with malware, or if your antivirus software notifies you of such an infection, you can find additional information on what you can do here.


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