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A vault for everyone and everything

They are just as unpopular as they are indispensable: Passwords. It is considerably easier – and more secure – to manage them using a password manager.

In spite of all the prophecies, passwords are still the method of choice to protect access to devices and online accounts (for instance e-banking), turning them into an ongoing issue. Should credentials end up the wrong hands, this could pose a considerable threat.

Luckily enough, specialised programs and apps are an immense help when creating, administering and using passwords: A password vault or password manager is software to securely store your credentials. These use encrypted storage on a data carrier, device or in cloud storage. You will therefore only ever have to remember one password, i.e. the so-called master password to your password manager. Bonus advantage: Thanks to secure encryption, many products allow you to not just store credentials, but any other information or even files, too – similar to a physical vault which can protect various documents and objects.

Some operating systems such as Apple macOS or iOS already come complete with an integrated password manager. The Apple app is called “key chain”. Other systems, in particular Windows 10 and 11, have no such integrated standard solution and therefore require the installation of an additional program. You cannot say anything general in this respect about Android devices, since an integrated password manager might be supplied or not. This depends on the manufacturer, model and Android version of a device. Newer devices are often supplied complete with a suitable app.

You can find specific software for your device and other tips on safe password handling here.


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