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BACS Half-Yearly Report: Focussing on transforming NCSC and co-operation

Cyber-security now has its own federal department. This underlines the great significance of cyber security in our digital age. The new Bundesamt für Cybersicherheit (BACS) demonstrates that cyber security is still a collaborative effort by society, business and state and that good co-operation is vital.

The Nationale Zentrum für Cybersicherheit (NCSC) underwent a huge transformation with effect from 1st January 2024. There is now a separate federal office to deal with Swiss cyber security – the Bundesamt für Cybersicherheit (BACS). The half-yearly BACS report 2023/II will have used this opportunity to focus on their fields of activity and future co-operations with other organisations.

“e-banking – but secure!” is an integral part of the BACS co-operation with non-federal organisations. It is for awareness and education on current issues, threats and protective measures in particular that BACS recommends consulting “e-banking – but secure!” and attending their courses.

The large number of reports of cyber incidents underlines just how important this is. With 5.536 reports cyber incidents, this means these almost doubled compared to the same period last year (2.179 reports). Reports on fraud are still amongst the most widely reported cyber incidents and phishing is still the issue reported in second place. With regard to reports by companies, CEO fraud and billing manipulation fraud still top the charts. There was a slight decrease in reported ransomware attacks on companies. Generally, there were increased reports of attempted fraud using Artificial intelligence, too.

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You can download the complete BACS Half-Yearly Report here.

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