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New S-U-P-E-R campaign

“123456” – is that your password? No doubt you will get closely acquainted with some cyber-criminals soon! You can find out how to protect your access options properly with the help of our new S-U-P-E-R campaign.

The S-U-P-E-R campaign is launched all over Switzerland by the Nationales Zentrum für Cybersicherheit (NCSC), the Schweizerische Kriminalprävention (SKP) and also in co-operation with “eBanking – but secure!”. It explains how you can effectively protect your devices and access options against anyone else gaining access.

Password manager

You should be using different and secure passwords (at least 12 characters long, consisting of numbers, upper and lower case letters as well as special characters) everywhere – which is no easy feat. A password manager will help you with this by storing all your passwords in encrypted form.

The video below explains all the advantages of using password managers in a clear manner:

A list of recommended, sometimes free password managers can be found under ”Step 4 – protecting online access” of our “5 steps for your digital security”.

Two-factor authentification (2FA)

In addition to a password manager, two-factor authentification (2FA) will provide even more security. In the process, a second, independent security component is requested in addition to the first security component (generally a password) when logging in. This might be a code sent to your mobile phone or generated directly on your device.

The video below explains how two-factor authentification (2FA) works:

Further information on how to protect your access options and on the S-U-P-E-R campaign can be found under: www.s-u-p-e-r.ch

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