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How to protect my bank cards inside my wallet?

Time and again, data are stolen from credit and bank cards without their owners even noticing. Protect yourself against unauthorised capture of your personal data.

Credit and bank cards as well as identity cards, passports or key cards contain sensitive personal data. To enable contactless access to these data, cards contain a so-called RFID (radio frequency identification) chip.

When paying with your credit or bank card, this RFID chip sends a signal to the cash till reader. This is also what happens if someone tries to read your card without your consent, e. g. with your cards inside your wallet. To this end, all they need to do is hold readers or mobile devices containing a suitable RFID reader program close to your wallet for your data to be transmitted. This does not require a reader or mobile device to be visible; it can for instance be carried inside a bag.

A solution to this is an RFID blocker. This transmits an interference signal if there is any attempt to contact the cards inside your wallet. For as long as your cards containing an RFID radio chip are carried along with an RFID blocker inside your wallet, no data can be transmitted.

RFID blockers are available in the form of cards, card sleeves or directly integrated into a wallet. An RFID blocker card is simply carried next to your cards inside your wallet. With sleeves, bank and credit cards are individually inserted into one RFID blocker sleeve each. With RFID blockers integrated straight into a wallet, the whole contents of a wallet are protected.


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