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How to pro­tect my bank cards inside my wallet?

Time and again, data are stolen from credit and bank cards without their owners even noticing. Pro­tect your­self against unau­tho­rised cap­ture of your per­sonal data.

Credit and bank cards as well as iden­tity cards, pass­ports or key cards con­tain sen­si­tive per­sonal data. To enable con­tact­less access to these data, cards con­tain a so-called RFID (radio fre­quency iden­ti­fi­ca­tion) chip.

When paying with your credit or bank card, this RFID chip sends a signal to the cash till reader. This is also what hap­pens if someone tries to read your card without your con­sent, e. g. with your cards inside your wallet. To this end, all they need to do is hold readers or mobile devices con­taining a suit­able RFID reader pro­gram close to your wallet for your data to be trans­mitted. This does not require a reader or mobile device to be vis­ible; it can for instance be car­ried inside a bag.

A solu­tion to this is an RFID blocker. This trans­mits an inter­fer­ence signal if there is any attempt to con­tact the cards inside your wallet. For as long as your cards con­taining an RFID radio chip are car­ried along with an RFID blocker inside your wallet, no data can be transmitted.

RFID blockers are avail­able in the form of cards, card sleeves or directly inte­grated into a wallet. An RFID blocker card is simply car­ried next to your cards inside your wallet. With sleeves, bank and credit cards are indi­vid­u­ally inserted into one RFID blocker sleeve each. With RFID blockers inte­grated straight into a wallet, the whole con­tents of a wallet are protected.


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