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Use your mobile device on holiday – but secure!

Your mobile phone or tablet are absolutely indispensable when travelling today. There are a few rules to observe to ensure you always use your mobile devices securely when surfing, paying and e-banking while away from home.

Smartphones make it easier than ever to take souvenir snaps and keep in contact with your family and friends even while on holiday. And the mobile Internet makes it ever so easy to keep an eye on your finances or make an urgent payment, too – as long as you observe a few security rules. Since there are some treacherous threats lurking on holiday in particular.

Only connect to trustworthy and encrypted WiFi
Only connect your device to trustworthy and encrypted networks when on the go. Your hotel’s WiFi is usually a good choice. Too often, public “Free WiFi” networks are not secure and should therefore be avoided.
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Never leave your device unattended
Even a locked device can be misused if it falls into the wrong hands. Always keep an eye on your mobile or tablet - opportunity makes the thief.

Only do your banking on your own device
Third-party devices or those publicly accessible, e. g. a computer in your hotel lobby, are usually not protected too well and not up-to-date. Sensitive business, i.e. banking or other financial transactions, should only be processed on your own device.

Make sure no-one is looking over your shoulder
There is a great risk of rubberneckers watching you when you are e-banking, e. g. to spy on your password, particularly on the go. Don’t let anyone look over your shoulder.
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Also: In case of theft or loss of your device, have your SIM card and mobile banking access blocked immediately.

Further tips on how to securely use your mobile devices away from home can be found here:  https://www.ebas.ch/en/holidays-trips/


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