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Gaming and e-banking

Would you leave your chil­dren to play unsu­per­vised with your cord­less screw­driver and Swiss Army knife? Espe­cially if they don’t know how to handle these tools safely yet? What about lap­tops, tablets and smartphones?

When using con­sumer elec­tronic devices, the dan­gers involved are of a dif­ferent kind, but are just as real. The same way chil­dren can injure them­selves or others or damage things around them when han­dling tools incor­rectly, there is a risk of them dis­cov­ering con­tent inap­pro­priate for their age or endan­gering the secu­rity of your device or per­sonal data when dis­cov­ering such electronics.

You should there­fore explain the risks of using elec­tronic devices to your young­sters and make sure that you are always in con­trol of how they are used – in par­tic­ular if this involves a device which you also use for your e-banking or job.

What else would you like to learn about security when e-banking?

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