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Take care out there

Do you believe everything they want you to believe? Take responsibility yourself, and always apply a healthy dose of suspicion when surfing.

With the first four S-U-P-E-R tips you’ve made sure that your devices and online access data are as secure as they can be. How you act in cyberspace is just as important, however. That’s why you should reduce the risk of fraud by staying alert and always using common sense.

There is also an interview with security expert Björn Näf you can read on this topic (in German).

Check the s-u-p-e-r.ch website and «eBanking – but secure!» (EBAS) (https://www.ebas.ch/en/) from 3 May onwards to discover the dangers you need to be aware of, and what simple steps you can take to protect yourself.

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Criminals don't want you suspicious

“The offer looked legit – a reasonable price, a seller who spoke good German, and a UBS account. I shouldn’t have been so trusting.”

It’s getting harder and harder to recognise the scammers’ tricks. That’s why internet users should approach everything with healthy suspicion.

What else would you like to learn about security when e-banking?

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Find out about current Internet threats and some easy protective measures, and how to securely use e-banking.

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Is your organisation sufficiently secure? Learn which measures you can take to significantly strengthen your organisation’s IT security.

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