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Windows 7 fails the annual inspection

Just over a year ago, Microsoft discontinued support for Windows 7. This operating system has no longer been provided with any updates since – something akin to ceasing any service work on your car.

If personal computers had to undergo regular inspections, systems running Windows 7 would have been certified as “unfit for participating in any Internet traffic” by now. And that’s for a good reason, since no security updates have been published for this operating system for more than a year now. Since then, there has no longer been any warranty that newly discovered vulnerabilities will be patched by Microsoft. And several such vulnerabilities have been discovered – and exploited – over the course of last year.

In case your computer is one of the 10 per cent still running an obsolete operating system, it is high time you change this. This does not necessarily mean you have to buy yourself a new machine. You can often install a new operating system onto older computers as well. It is recommended you consult a specialist retailer to help you with this.

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