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AV-TEST Secu­rity Report 2019/2020

The inde­pen­dent AV-Test research centre AV-TEST has pub­lished its secu­rity report for 2019/2020. This shows that the upwards trend in the mal­ware industry, which started in 2019, con­tinues in 2020, too.

In accor­dance with this secu­rity report, there are two devel­op­ments in the mal­ware sector: On the one hand, the strong increase of auto­mated mass mal­ware pro­duc­tion for large-scale online attacks con­tinues. On the other, cyber-crim­i­nals develop increas­ingly sophis­ti­cated mal­ware for tar­geted attacks on com­pa­nies and crit­ical infra­struc­ture.

In addi­tion, the report demon­strates that pro­tec­tion for Android and macOS sys­tems is fre­quently still very inad­e­quate. To this end, you should take par­tic­ular note of our tips on antivirus soft­ware and fire­walls.

You can find the AV-TEST Secu­rity Report 2019/2020 and answers to ques­tions on the cur­rent threat sit­u­a­tion here.

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